Marc is a truly inspirational astrologer. I would recommend him to anyone,

Lorrae Desmond - MBE Actor/Entertainer

For me it was an excellent reaffirmation of how I felt and allowed me to accept my goals with true belief – you have been wonderful.

Charlie Hunter - A League of their Own

Marc has a wonderful knack of not only being able to highlight the ‘good’ in your life, but also to draw attention to the ‘challenges’ you face, in a way that’s meaningful and assists you to make positive change. He is a warm, gentle and compassionate person and incredibly intuitive. I would happily recommend his services to any prospective clients

Lynne Emanuel - Account Director Beach Communications

Thanks Marc for a truly amazing afternoon. It was a real heart to heart session. My choices are a lot clearer now and your advice with the timing of our show could not have been better.

Gael Ballantyne - Actor/Director

I must admit I was a little skeptical at first, but your way of explaining my chart has given me food for thought. Your reading really hit home. I now see astrology in a whole new light.

Sean W.

I found my experience with Marc to be truly revelational! He told me things that I thought only my closest friends would know about me. At times I experienced chills and goose-bumps as it seemed surreal to be told things about my personality and disposition that fitted right in with how I already perceive myself.

The experience has increased my confidence about the direction I have chosen with my career and has left me feeling positive and excited about the future.

Marc was so thorough and happy to answer any questions I had about my natal chart. He left me with some profound words of wisdom that I will remember oh too well.

Thanks again, Natalie

You are very intuitive and your reading gave me greater understanding and clarity regarding my situation and the choices I make, my relationships and purpose. I have a renewed sense of direction and a deeper level of self understanding. Thank you.

Nicola P. - Gold Coast

I was very impressed with Marc's chart reading - particularly because he picked up on issues that concerned me most.

I also like the fact that Marc's readings centre around the big picture. It reminded me of what the Mayans call 'natural time' -- learning to plant, cultivate and reap according to nature's rhythm rather than struggling against it.

If you're interested in personal development, then I'm sure you'd benefit from asking Marc to look at your astrological chart.

K Michaels - Sydney