Astrology Overview

Planets, Signs and Houses: The Astrological Components

Astrology has a language all of its own. It is made up of many symbols. Within these symbols are three major components; the Planets, the Signs and the Houses, each having a distinct role to play.

Each PLANET represents a psychological function. Each SIGN has a clear objective that motivates that function. Each HOUSE provides an earthly terrain in which the motivated function plays out.

Below are examples

Astological Planets


THE SUN: Itís function is our life force, our drive, central ego and creative energy

THE MOON: Itís function is our emotional self, our responses, our moods, our need to nurture

MERCURY: Itís function is the our thought processes, information gathering, our perception.

VENUS: Itís function is our need to harmonise, relate, attract love, find value and beauty

MARS: Itís function is our need for action, our courage, our need to overcome adversity, our strength.

JUPITER: Itís function is our need to broaden our experience, our need for meaning and expansion.

SATURN: Itís function is our need for integrity, solidarity, discipline and patience.

URANUS: Itís function is our need for freedom, change and being radical.

NEPTUNE: Its function is our connection to a higher vibration, intuition, egolessness and spirit.

PLUTO: Its function is our need to intensify, gain empowerment and transform.

Astological Star Signs


ARIES: Itís objective is to gain courage, to assert and express the will

TAURUS: Itís objective is to attain peace and security through the senses and the tangible.

GEMINI: Its objective is to attain understanding though perception by sending and receiving information

CANCER: Itís objective is to express true personal feelings and gain emotional security.

LEO: Itís objective is to expressed unabashed personality, healthy ego and creativity.

VIRGO: Itís objective is to become ďwhat we doĒ giving through skills and talents of the earth body

LIBRA: Itís objective is to understand opposites, to harmonise and relate, to blend aesthetically

SCORPIO: Itís objective to merge, to purge from psychological depths, to intensify, to feel passion.

SAGITTARIUS: Itís objective is to quest for meaning, open experientially and higher learning.

CAPRICORN: Itís objective is to understand patience, responsibility, integrity and achievement without ego

AQUARIUS: Itís objective is to detach from ego and to join minds for the project, the cause and the future.

PISCES: Itís objective is to detach from ego, to give of the self, to connect intuitively and express deep feeling.

Astological Houses


1ST HOUSE: Its terrain is the incarnated self, the shell, the personality, how we assert ourselves

2ND HOUSE: Its terrain is what we value, our self worth, what makes us secure, our resources

3RD HOUSE: Its terrain is information gathering, communicating, perception of life, siblings

4TH HOUSE: Its terrain is our roots, our hidden selves, deepest feelings, home, early family, father

5TH HOUSE: Its terrain is play, self expression, sex, creativity, pleasures, children

6TH HOUSE: Its terrain is our skills, talents in service for others, work, the body

7TH HOUSE: Its terrain is one on one relationship, friendships

8TH HOUSE: Its terrain is bonding, deep connections, merging resources, the occult, the mysterious

9TH HOUSE: Its terrain is travel, study, our search for meaning, differing cultures

10TH HOUSE: Its terrain is public image, your place in the world, career, mother

11TH HOUSE: Its terrain is goals, plans, our future direction, groups

12TH HOUSE: Its terrain is soul searching, egoless experience, karma, turning inward.