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YOUR MOON SIGN How you get emotionally fed.

The Moon is our feelings at the most primal of levels; she is driven purely by emotion, urges and instincts. She has no connection to rationale or logic whatsoever, dealing with life directly from the heart and responding to what she is given.

The energy from the Moon is so potent, that I personally believe it rivals the Sun in importance in the Birth Chart.

The Moon governs all of our feelings. She craves emotional security, a soft place to fall and a deep craving for what we might call ‘love’.

Love is her way of ‘giving and sustaining life’. She nourishes, cares for and flourishes through this very vibration. This is most evident with children, animals and plants that need this love as a means to thrive.

The need to care and maintain life makes her incredibly vulnerable to outside forces; this gives her an innate need to protect, guard and defend.

The Moons sensitivity in our birth chart can be extremely powerful, creating many of our issues around lack of love, insecurity and basic emotional survival. It can completely dominate the chart if we feel our emotional needs are not being met.

The Moon is also strongly connected to the past, early childhood and the family environment, particularly with the mother. I tend to think it can go back even further back to the gestational period and into what many call ‘past lives’.

Some Astrologers have given the Moon the term ‘the reigning need’, as the urge to incorporate love into our being can feel all encompassing.

The only true way to find this feeling is not to search for it but to realise that we already have all the love we need, because we are love. We are extensions of eternal love here on the earth plane, giving love out, keeping everything alive and flourishing, and this includes the love and acceptance of ourselves.

The Moon in our personal charts is motivated by the sign that it is in. The Moon sign has a clear objective with how to emotionally secure itself and how best to use its feelings.
Of course the Moon in our charts with be greatly influenced by the house it resides in and rules, as well as any aspects it makes to other planets, but here is a very basic understanding of the Moon in each sign.

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The Moon in Aries
In Aries, the Moon has a distinct need for emotional independence and to express the will. The Aries Moon is driven by the heart to initiate, energise and make things happen, with a pronounced urge to have its desires met. There is a strong emotional need to be pioneering, courageous, assertive and brave. You may have to face strong emotional challenges and fearful adversaries as a means of incorporating love and caring into your life.

Aries Moon people will need to become aware of extreme selfishness, bossiness, childlike bratty behaviour, rash impulsive emotional outbursts and the need to constantly get your own way.

The Moon in Taurus
The urge for emotional safety comes through the senses and the tangible when the Moon is in Taurus. The need is to give and receive love via the splendours of the earth plane. Emotional security is found through food, gardening, aromas, music, massage and creating with the material and through the body. Any area that involves cultivating, sustaining and preserving as well as the good use of money, possessions and shelter are all ways the Taurus Moon can extend its love.

Moon in Taurus people will need to become aware of over possessiveness, a fixation on money, greediness, over indulgence and the fear of change.

The Moon in Gemini
An emotional need for mental stimulation, learning and communicating is very strong for the Gemini Moon. The need to care and love comes from being able to teach, listen, impart information and educate. To reach out to others via the heart and soften peoples understanding of life by communicating messages through artistry, counselling, a hug, a smile even sign language.

Moon in Gemini people will need to become aware of nervous tension and anxiety from overloading the brain, too much extraneous chatter both internally and externally and over thinking their emotional behaviour.

The Moon in Cancer
In Cancer the Moons vibration is heightened as it is in the sign it rules. Emotional safety is found by being able to love and care at the root level, through family, children, animals, plants and anything that needs a mothers touch. The Mothering instinct is at its best here, so the need to parent or to be in a nurturing role will be of utmost importance. There is also the urge to use the Cancer Moons caring and nourishing instincts in all forms of healing.

Cancer Moon people will need to become aware of being overly touchy and moody. Also becoming too protective, defensive and snappy and cutting off emotionally altogether for fear of being hurt.

The Moon in Leo
Emotional security with the Moon in Leo is acquired by feeling safe with expressing ‘who you are’. There is a strong emotional need to shine, create and put your personal stamp on whatever you do. This is ‘Louise Hay’ at her best with being able to love yourself totally and being able to love others for their specialness as well. There is also a need to nourish and care through play, joy, performance and creativity.

Moon in Leo people will need to become aware of domination, craving attention, unnecessary drama, arrogance, pomposity and not feeling loved for who you are.

The Moon in Virgo
The Moon in Virgo finds emotional security through its need to serve, be of help, assistance and to heal. Any work through skills, trades, mentoring and areas of health is where the Virgo Moon nourishes itself and others. It also cares through a more organised and practical approach to love, connecting hearts through what it can do for you and how it can be of aid.
Virgo Moon people will need to become aware of an over attention to detail, self-criticism, overwork, compulsive behaviour, worry and never feeling that they have done enough.

The Moon in Libra
An emotional need for harmony, balance and equilibrium is the key to the Libra Moons wellbeing. Its need to care and love comes from a deep need for peace, congruence and an emotional tolerance of opposites. The Libra Moon nourishes through personal relationships, mediating, artistry, beauty and smoothing things over. It can also extend a level of care through fairness and all forms of justice. The Libra Moon can connect to others heart to heart, making them feel safe, at peace and comfortable.

Libra Moon people will need to be aware of co dependence, falseness, the fear of conflict, wishy washiness and playing the ‘yes person’ or ‘nice guy’ in spite of truth and authenticity.

The Moon in Scorpio
In the sign of Scorpio the emotional needs become more intense, sharper edged and passionate. Here the feelings are seeking power by feeling safe in uncontrollable situations. All areas of intimacy, sex, money, death and exploring emotional depths with others will all be on the menu for the Scorpio moon to feel secure with. Care can be given in passionate, healing, intense, traumatic or life threatening conditions. Emotions will be pushed to the edge to purge, rebirth and become more powerful.

Scorpio Moon people will need to become aware of control and power issues, vengefulness, obsessiveness, extremes of love and hate, secretiveness and self-stinging behaviour. 

The Moon in Sagittarius
In Sagittarius the Moon seeks its form of emotional security through its principles, faiths and having something to believe in. The quest for knowledge becomes highly emotionalised, taking it into all areas of travel, higher education, religions and bigger picture theories and concepts. Its need to nourish and care comes from being able to disseminate this wisdom, giving hope and opening our eyes to something bigger and more idealistic than just everyday facts and figures.

Sagittarius Moon people will need to become aware being the ‘know all’, getting too emotionally caught up with their own beliefs and opinions. Also becoming too dogmatic, judgemental, bias and jumping to conclusions before you sort out the facts and acting on ‘blind faith’.

The Moon in Capricorn
Here we see the feelings get put to the test as far as responsibility and productivity is concerned. The Capricorn Moon feels its emotions, not so much in the wallowing, indulgent sense but in a way of being useful and effective with them. There is a certain amount of emotional control needed, so feelings can actually spur on the job rather than get in the way of it. Caring and nurturing comes in the form of reliability and dependability and a sense of being an ‘emotional rock’

Capricorn Moon people will need to become aware of becoming too emotionally cut off, cold and pessimistic, feeling responsible for everybody’s plights, taking on too much duty and too many obligations and never knowing when to call it quits.

The Moon in Aquarius
The Moon in Aquarius achieves is emotional safety not through personal contact but though a broader, more communal understanding of care. The heart becomes more socially conscious, making projects, causes even political agendas more important to invest the emotions in. There is a distinct need to care in areas of reform, freedom, change and future vision. Of all the Moons this is arguably the ‘coolest’ and can remain emotionally aloof to traditional forms of love. Friends, groups, teams and colleagues are where the Aquarian Moons feelings will be found rather than with personal one on ones.

Aquarius Moon people will need to become aware of being overly rebellious, contrary and radical without real cause or intention. Also becoming too emotionally detached from personal feelings altogether which could hinder any real intimacy and emotional connection with others.

The Moon in Pisces
The Pisces Moon is at its most sensitised. It acts more along the lines of an emotional vibration rather than through personalised feelings. Emotions now begin to dilute into everything and everyone, making the Moon in Pisces highly susceptible to all frequencies. The urge to love and care now become immersed into all of life, feeling profound compassion and a recognition of our oneness. The emotions are now more in tune with spirit, intuition, dreams and what some may call non reality or God.

Moon in Pisces people will need to be aware of becoming emotionally overwhelmed by life and feeling that you could drown in the immenseness of it all. This could lead to a feeling of being totally disconnected from the body altogether, numbing the self from life and others and entering into escapism and addictive behaviours of all kinds.
                                                                                                    Marc Laurenson 2014